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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Which Steersman is right for my boat?
A. There are four different Steersman Steering Guards: 7/8" and 1" ID thread sizes in anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

To determine which is right for your boat, all you need to do is answer two simple questions:
1. What brand of outboard motor do you have?
If your answer is anything other than Honda, Mercury or Mariner, the size you need is 7/8" and you can proceed to question 2. NOTE: Nearly all Honda's take the 7/8". But a few owners of Honda 90 and 130hp outboards have had to exchange their 7/8" Steersman's for 1".
The large 1”-14 thread Steersman fits Mercury and Mariner 4 and 6 cylinder outboards. Mercury and Mariner 2 cylinder outboards should take the 7/8" size. The 3 cylinder Mercury might take either size. To confirm, if a section of the tilt tube is exposed, you may be able to measure the threads O.D. using a micrometer or even a crescent (adjustable) wrench.
2. What kind of water do you operate your boat in?
If you are boating in fresh water all the time you can use either the anodized aluminum or stainless steel Steersman.
If you ever take your boat into salt water or brackish water, we recommend the stainless steel Steersman.
Q. What lubricant should I use?

A. There seem to be several good choices. Beyond that, it is largely a matter of personal preference.

The manufacturers of boat steering cables recommend a waterproof marine lithium-based grease to lubricate marine steering cables.

Some of the boat repair mechanics we spoke with use a Molybdenum grease such as
Sta-Lube Extreme Pressure Moly-Graph Multi-purpose grease
Part SL3141

DO NOT use an automotive wheel and chassis grease. It will harden over time.

Many users and mechanics have reported success with gear lube oil. Oil is difficult to inject into a grease fitting using a standard hand-operated grease gun, but here is a possible solution.

Q. Does a Steersman ever wear out?
A. The Steersman should easily last the life of your outboard, but with many years of use, the O-ring can wear out. If you start to see grease streaking on your steering rod, just remove the Steersman and replace the O-ring.
us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll send you a couple O-rings FREE OF CHARGE.
Q. I bought something like this before and the rubber wiper quickly popped out, making a big greasy mess.
A. Unlike some imitations on the market, the Steersman uses a replaceable O-ring that is held securely in a groove. While properly installed, it simply cannot come out, but can easily be replaced when worn if the Steersman is removed from the outboard. (see question above).
Q. Where can I get one?
A. The Steersman is available at the following:
  • Better marine dealers, tackle shops and marinas throughout the U.S.
  • Authorized American Honda dealers. Honda part numbers 50899-ZV5-020AH (7/8" stainless steel) or 50899-ZV5-000AH (7/8" anodized aluminum). Fits all makes except Mercury, Mariner or Force.
  • Authorized Yamaha dealers. Yamaha part number MAR-ZERKN-UT-01 (7/8" stainless steel only). Fits all makes except Mercury, Mariner or Force.
  • Or buy online on this site from secure server with credit card or Paypal.