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Sticky or Frozen Boat Steering is
dangerous and expensive.
There are two kinds of boaters. Those who have had steering problems and those who will.

Cable steering failures are rarely caused by the front part of the cable. Unless a cable has a "suicide bend" in it, failures at the helm end are caused by strain created at the aft end, where contaminants can enter. Even with a stainless steel tilt tube, the carbon steel cable begins to rust and expand inside the sheath. As friction increases, more pressure is placed on the entire cable, including the gearbox at the helm.

locked up frozen cable

This sticky steering condition can be repaired if it's limited to the tilt tube area and caught early, but will soon cause a locked up or “frozen” steering system. And as if that was not dangerous enough, in extreme cases the cable can snap, releasing the outboard to slam to one side. The boat can suddenly and violently begin to turn in a tight circle, sometimes throwing the occupant(s) overboard and even running over them. (see the article in DIY Boat Owner shown below)

After a cable has become locked up or "frozen", the only cure is to replace the cable. This is a difficult job and can cost $500 or more.

The best way to prevent premature cable failure is to keep the cable lubricated and sealed.
Steersman ™ Steering Guard
Until the patented Steersman® Steering Guard, there was no reliable method of getting lubrication into the tilt-tube section of the steering system and keeping it there. Read more...
Steersman ™ Steering Guard