Steersman™ Steering Guard Steersman™ Steering GuardSteersman™ Steering Guard
Steersman™ Steering Guard Steersman™ Steering Guard
Steersman™ Steering Guard
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Steersman® Steering Guard
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I recommend the Steersman Steering Guard to every customer for which we do a steering installation. I have been using this product since 1996 and I have never seen a steering failure after replacing a steering system and simultaneously installing the Steering Guard. This is a great product.
- Troy

Aqua Tech Marine Services
Bremerton, Washington


The Steersman Steering Guard eliminates the unpleasant and messy yearly task of removing, cleaning and greasing the steering cable. This task must be performed to prevent hard steering or rust, causing the steering to freeze up altogether which many times requires expensive engine removal to free up and replace the rusted steering cable.

Lincoln Davis III
Outboard Mechanic since 1964
Stetson & Pinkham
Waldoboro, Maine


Since fitting the steering guard which only took a matter of minutes, the grease is completely contained right where it should be. More importantly I am 100% confident water will be kept out as well.

-Sean Palmer,
Killarney, Kerry 

The Steersman is superior to (that other) product. It went on right the first time. The seal in the other product popped out upon initial installation. The "o" ring provides a superior seal. There is absolutly no comparison between the two products. They look somewhat alike and that is the only similarity. I will expound upon the virtues of your product to all I speak to. Not only does it work, it also provides a very necessary solution to steering cable freeze up, with very little effort and expense.

Jan Bindas
Boston, Massachusetts

When somebody comes here with a steering problem, they leave here with a Steersman®. Sending customers out without a Steersman is counterproductive.

We see a lot of this in the spring. The customer’s boat has been sitting up through the winter and they take it all the way to the boat ramp and find out they can’t turn the steering wheel.

-Keith and Steve
Southern Sportsman Marine Service
Houston, Texas


Customers want to leave the shop confident in the reliability and longevity of their steering.

-Gil at Marine Mechanical Repair
San Rafael, California


We at Central Florida Marine during regular scheduled yearly services, often times upgrade our customers to the Steerman zirknut prior to any steering cable problems. This allows us to grease their cable and keep the nasty mess from leaking out of the cable end and into the motor splashwell. It is a great product, one that everyone - customer and service tech - benefits from. Thanks.

-Gordon DeVasto, Service Manager
Central Florida Marine Inc.
Maitland, Florida

Our slogan is "Quality at it's Best". We know that if we work hard to provide quality for our customers, they remain our customers for life. For that reason, every time we do steering cable work or sell a new steering cable assembly, we strongly suggest the Steersman Steering Guard to keep it trouble-free for years.
- Sue

Ballard Marine Service, Inc.
Seattle, Washington

As a reliability-minded product designer, I incorporated the Steersman as standard equipment. It keeps the system working even if maintenance is neglected, which is often the rule not the exception.

-Martin Schneider
Surface Power Boatworks
Aransas Pass, Texas


We look forward to reduced maintenance in the steering mechanisms of our three boats as well as improved safety. Because we don’t use our boats with a high degree of frequency, we are particularly vulnerable to having the steering freeze-up or even break. However, when we need our boats to perform (e.g., for oil spill response and such), we really need them. Two years ago we nearly had a serious accident when the steering broke while one of our boats was under way. The repairs cost several hundred dollars. We hope your product will help avoid these problems in the future.

United States Department of the Interior
Fish and Wildlife Service

I've owned boats for the last 30 years and corrosion in the steering cable has been a constant problem. Steersman is the best solution I've found for the problem.

Dubby Vinson
Dubby Vinson Motor Sports
Houston, Texas

As president of the Kentucky Outdoor Press Association, I must say that I was very impressed with the Steersman Steering Guard. My Yamaha motor just loves it. Thanks, you truly have a product that can be very beneficial to the boating world.

Tom Clay
President Kentucky Outdoor Press Association

Jay swears by the Steersman Steering Guard. When people come to the store to get a steering system he always suggests they put on a Steersman.

- Tookie
Martin's Marine & Outboards Inc.
Covington, Louisiana

Recently my husband put your product on our 200 HP Mercury motor, which had been very hard to steer. While I was fishing the Bass’ nGal Tournament in Stumpfield Lake Fork, Texas and maneuvering through stumps and very dangerous high wind, my boat was riding the waves and came down toward a stump. If it had not been for the Steersman I wouldn’t have been able to maneuver away from the stump in time to avoid a tragic accident.

Thanks for allowing me to be able to fish the next tournament in Alabama. I have about 15 tournaments a year and the longer the Steersman is on my boat the easier it is for me to steer. Again, thanks for this little widget as it saved my life.

Ann S.

The Steersman will forever end the maddening problem you probably incur each spring when you take the boat out for the first time .... I installed one of the gadgets on my boat two years ago and can vouch for the fact that it works like a champ. After sitting for over five months, my steering was loose as if it had just been greased the first time I used it.

San Angelo Standard Times

In Capt. Smith’s “Capsize” account, a steering cable that had worn out nearly cost three men their lives. There have also been other cases in the Boat/U.S. Marine Insurance Claim files where broken steering cables have led to collisions with bridges, breakwaters, and other boats.

Some skippers try to eke out another season or two by wrapping tape around cracks or swollen areas, but manufacturers warn that this practice traps moisture inside and accelerates corrosion. Another bad practice is squirting lubricant into a cracked outer jacket to prevent further corrosion. The lubricant does nothing to rid the wire of salt and dirt, and it may be incompatible with lubricants already used by manufacturers in the wire.

Seaworthy Magazine

What's your story?

If you have experienced the benefits of the Steersman™ Steering Guard, we would like to hear from you! If you like, you can include a photo with or without your boat along with your story. .

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