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How to inject oil into a Steersman Steering Guard
This was recomended by a boat mechanic with decades of experience.
You will need the following:

Alemite plunger-type Grease gun such as

  • Quicksilver Lube Gun 91-30500A-1 (pictured below)
    or Mercury grease gun #91-30500Q5
These feature a concave nylon tip that fits securely on the top of the Steersman Steering Guard grease fitting.
  • Mercury gear lube #92-802851A1 or #92-802851K1
    8 oz. tube (pictured below)
This method is much less messy than using a standard hand-operated grease gun. You will need to cut off a bit of the nozzle on the plastic tube to screw into the gun. The threads match perfectly. And as with grease, do not overlubricate. A little dab will do ya.
oil gun
lube gun
Mercury gear lube