Steersman™ Steering Guard Steersman™ Steering GuardSteersman™ Steering Guard
Steersman™ Steering Guard Steersman™ Steering Guard
Steersman® Steering Guard
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An Innovation in Steering. And Here’s Why.
The Steersman® is a stainless steel (for salt water environments) or anodized aluminum (for fresh water conditions) nut with its own grease fitting and O-ring seal. The Steersman is machined from solid stainless steel or aluminum. It both cleans and protects the steering system by keeping lubrication in and corrosive elements out.
  stainless steel grease fitting  
It installs simply by disengaging the tiller arm, removing the locking nut from the end of the tilt-tube, replacing the nut with the Steersman® Steering Guard and then reconnecting the tiller arm.
All Steersman® products are made in the USA.